Access To Medical Records

You can request an account to view your medical records online. This allows you to book and cancel appointments, request repeat prescriptions, and see information such as any recorded allergies, immunisations and current medications.

Please note that the security of your account is your responsibility. If you chose to have access to your medical records then anyone who has your account username and password will have access to your medical records. For example, other members of your household if you save your username and password in your internet browser. If this concerns you, then please restrict your request to appointments and prescriptions.

Basic Online Access

To book appointments and order repeat prescriptions online, please either download and log into the NHS App, or complete this form and bring it to reception with photographic ID (eg. passport): Application form - basic access. If there isn't a long queue then the receptionist will be able to give you basic access while you wait.

If you register for basic access via the NHS App then there is usually no need to come to the surgery.

Extended Online Access

To request access to view your medical records including laboratory test results, documents and letters, and problem codes (eg asthma, broken bone etc), then please also complete this form and bring it to reception with photographic ID: Application form - extended access.

What to do if you do not have photographic ID

If you do not have any photographic ID, then please speak to a receptionist or your usual GP. We will be able to provide you with online access if we are able to verify your identity in a different way, eg. we know you, or you can list the dates and content of your recent appointments.

New Patients

Please note that an online account is created for new patients as part of the registration process.

More Information about the NHS App


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